Izu Gateway Kannami



About 伊豆ゲートウェイ函南

Izu Gateway Kannami

Izu Gateway Kannami was named so out of the hope that “Michi no Eki”, which is adjacent to Izu-jukan Expressway, would be the starting point “gateway” of trips to Izu.

At the shop “Izumon”, which has a variety of products from Kannami, you can purchase dairy products made from Tanna milk as well as fresh vegetables. You can also enjoy Izu’s creative sushi at “Izuzushi”, along with Italian dishes that use Kannami vegetables at “KISETSU”.

Since there is an adjacent tourist office, you can ask the concierge about sightseeing spots to find “seasonal” and “personally customized” spots that suit your schedule.

Izu is also the venue for the “2020 Tokyo Olympic bicycling competition”, and Izu Gateway Kannami contains the Spoke Cafe, which functions as a base for bicycle touring.

They also provide a rental bicycle service and rent out the latest sports bikes and electric mountain bikes etc., so it’s perfect if you feel like taking a casual ride.

Fascility Information

  • 【Address】 887-1 Tsukamoto, Kannami Town, Tagata Gun, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • 【Hours】 Sales Store 9:00 – 18:00 (Business Hours Different at Each Shop), Tourist Information Center 9:00 – 18:00, 24 Hours Convenient Store
  • 【Phone】 055-979-1112
  • 【Website】 https://www.izugateway.com/


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