Chojagahara Azalea Park



About 長者ヶ原山つつじ公園

Amazing view of 12,000 Mountain Azaleas in Chojagahara

There are beautiful 12,000 Mountain Azaleas grow in this area.

In the first half of May, the entire hill dyes in vermillion by the azalea.

On the clear day, you can also see the great view of Mt. Fuji from the top of the hill.

Facility information

  • 【Address】 Tenjinbara, Ihama, Minamiizu-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • 【Phone Number】 0558-62-0141
  • 【Entrance Fee】 free
  • 【Parking lot】 Approximately 50 units (free) ※ Large bus is not available


Guidance of the precincts


Around 長者ヶ原山つつじ公園

Area information

  • around 01
    Tenjinbara Botanical Garden

    There are 1,500 kinds of wild grasses and flowers blooming in this paradise, one after another.
    Especially the wild lily “Sasa Yuri” that have grown naturally from ancient times is must-see.
    We succeeded in multiplication of a plant by separating the roots of “Sasa Yuri”.
    It was said to be “impossible to transplant cultivated” among experts, however 30 000 roots are being planted now.

    Facility information

    【Address】 2722-60 Ihama, Minamiizu-cho, Kamo-gun Shizuoka Prefecture
    【Telephone number】 0558-64-8178
    【Entrance Fee】 Adult 500 yen, Child 250 yen
    【Opening hours】 9:00 ~ 17:00
    【Parking lot】 6 large-sized buses and 30 passenger cars


Chojagahara Azalea Parkの場所