Cape Irozaki



About 石廊崎

The Southernmost Point of Izu Peninsula

Cape Irozaki
The Irozaki is a cape at the southernmost point of Izu Peninsula, and it is the entrance point from the Sagami Nada sea to Suruga Bay.

Most of the surrounding coastlines are made up of volcanic ash and lava emitted from submarine volcanoes, and the rugged terrain was created due to the erosion of waves over many years.

From a rough cliff about 100 meters high, you can enjoy spectacular views at a glance.

The “Irozaki Ocean Park” that will open on April 1, 2019, is just 10 minutes away from the southernmost tip of Izu Peninsula.

Irozaki lighthouse

At Irozaki Cape, wind speeds exceed 10m per second for one third of the year, so a weather station was placed there during the pre-war period.

This area has long been considered to be a key point for meteorological observation.

On the plateau at the tip of the cape there is a lighthouse named “Irozaki lighthouse”, and it was chosen as one of the “Top 50 lighthouses of Japan”.

The Irozaki lighthouse was built by British architect Richard Henry Brunton also called the “Father of the Japanese lighthouse”, in 1871.

It supports safety navigation around this area, which is considered to be a difficult area to navigate due to its rocky reefs.

From April 1st, 2019, the Irozaki lighthouse will be open year-round and this service is the first trial in Japan.

You can enjoy the area around the lighthouse.

Iro Shrine and Kumano Shrine

Down the road from the lighthouse, you will see “Iro Shrine” which was built taking advantage of a dent in the cliffs.

The Iro Shrine is also known as Iro Gongen or Irozaki Gongen. The deity of maritime safety “Iware no Mikoto ” and the deity of study and business “Monoimina no Mikoto” are enshrined in the Iro Shrine.

The dent on the cliff is called “Tafoni” and thought to be created in the following process: salt melted in water and then crystallized when the moisture evaporated, causing a break in the rock when the crystal grew.

The shrine is built on the pillar of a ship that lies in a rock cave.

The following legend is about this pillar: in the old days, a merchant ship heading for Edo encountered big waves off the coast, so its crew prayed, saying “Please calm the waves, and we will dedicate a pillar to the Iro Gongen”, and afterwards they were able to arrive in Edo safely. It is regarded as one of “the seven wonders of Izu”.

50 meters away from Iro Shrine, there is also another shrine called “Kumano shrine” that is located at the tip of the cape. The deity of marriage, “Susano-ono Mikoto” is enshrined there.

“Irozaki Cape Cruise”

If you want to enjoy the dynamic views of Irozaki from the sea, the “Irozaki Cape Cruise” is recommended.

The following two cruise courses are available: Course A is the “Oku Irozaki Cape (Hirizo Beach) Course” and Course B is the “Minokake Rock Course”. Usually Course A cruise is provided, but if the weather is bad Course B will be provided.

The cruise lasts for around 25 minutes, and you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the southernmost point of the Izu Peninsula.


Guidance of the precincts

Cape Irozakiの場所