Nakagi Area



About 中木エリア

One of the best Izu snorkeling spots

The Nakagi area is located about a 20-minute drive from the cape Irozaki, located at the tip of Izu Peninsula.

It is a harbor with about 10 inns (minshuku).

In summer, it is crowded with numerous tourists because ships from there leave for the Hirizo Beach, which is a popular snorkeling spot.

Outstanding transparency

The Hirizo Beach is known as “the last hidden region of Izu” because its location at the tip of the peninsula and is surrounded by sharp cliffs.
It boasts outstanding transparency; allowing visitors to see the bottom of the sea even 15 to 20 meters deep if various conditions are right.

The Hirizo Beach can be reached only by ship, no land-way. However, every 2 to 5 minutes, ferry go back and forth to the beach.
If you purchase a boarding ticket, you can take a ferry and go back and forth any number of times within the day.
There are no man-made objects on the beach, so please use the restrooms, shops, vending machines etc. near the ticket office before boarding.

Facility information

  • 【Open】 Early July ~ Late September
  • 【Toll parking】 capacity 200 cars
  • 【Ferry service hours】 8:00 ~ 16:30
  • 【Ferry Fees】 Adults (Junior high school students or older): 1,500 yen, Child (4 year old ~ Elementary School): 500 yen

* You can board any number of times as long as the ticket purchase date


Guidance of the precincts


Around 中木エリア

Area Information

  • around 01
    Cape Irozaki

    The Irozaki is a cape at the southernmost point of Izu Peninsula, and it is the entrance point from the Sagami Nada sea to Suruga Bay.
    Most of the surrounding coastlines are made up of volcanic ash and lava emitted from submarine volcanoes, and the rugged terrain was created due to the erosion of waves over many years.
    From a rough cliff about 100 meters high, you can enjoy spectacular views at a glance.

    Facility information

    “Irozaki Cape Cruise”
    【Opening Hours】 9:30 ~ 15:30 (Departure time is 00 minutes and 30 minutes every hour)
    【Shipping fee】 Adult: 1400 yen, Child: 700 yen

    ● Website:

  • around 02
    The cape “Aiai”

    The cape “Aiai” is one of the most famous capes in Minami-Izu.
    It is located a little westward from the cape Irozaki at the tip of the Izu Peninsula.
    There is “Okuiro One Observatory” and it is also called “Aiai Misaki”.
    The name “Aiai Misaki” is more common, and it is one of the most prominent scenic spots in Izu area.
    It has been shown in numerous forms of media, including television programs and magazines.

Nakagi Areaの場所