Mishima Skywalk



About 三島スカイウォーク

Three of “Best in Japan” at Mishima Skywalk

  • Mt.Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan
  • Suruga Bay is the most beautiful and the deepest bay in Japan
  • The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan

The total length of Mishima Skywalk is 400m and it is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan.

It took over 3 years to built the bridge and was opened in December 14, 2015.

From the town of Mishima city “Sasaharashinden” where the skywalk is located, you have a great view of Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay.

Since the tourism facilities were not developed in the past in Mishima city, many tourists could not find the best spot to appreciate the amazing view.

One of the reasons for constructing the Mishima Skywalk was to allow more tourists to visit Mishima city and enjoy the superb view.

There was also the big expectation that it would revitalize the local economy.

The highest point of the bridge from the ground is 70.6m.

You can enjoy an astonishing 360degree panoramic view.

The footbridge is lattice pattern in order to reduce the influence of the wind.

You can enjoy spectacular views of the bottom of the valley by looking through lattice.

The width of the bridge is over 1.6m to allow passage of 2 wheelchairs.

The bridge includes a device to control vibration and absorbs energy in the event of an earthquake.

So, the bridge would not collapse even in the event of an earthquake such as the Han‐Shin Awaji Earthquake disaster and the Great East Japan earthquake.

Origin of the name

The bridge was named “Mishima skywalk” after a public consultation, as the official name was considered as too long and unfriendly.

“Mishima skywalk” means “the sensation of walking in the sky in Mishima city”.


  • 【Hours】 9:00 ~ 17:00 (7 days a week)
  • 【Charge(round-trip only)】 1,100 JPY (Adult), 500 JPY (Junior & High school students), 200 JPY (elementary school students)
  • 【Parking】 400 car parking spots (including 5 for disabled people), large size vehicles for 28 units (maximum)
  • 【Access】 From JR Mishima station, 20 minutes by taxi, 25 minutes by bus, 15 minutes by car from the Tomei Expressway Numazu I.C
  • 【Tel】 055-972-0084


Guidance of the precincts


Around 三島スカイウォーク


  • around 01
    “Forest of Kicoro”

    It is a walking path in the north of the bridge.

    It was made to encourage interest in the environments.

  • around 02
    The Observation Deck

    Overlooks the amazing scenery of Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay.
  • around 03
    Sky Garden

    All year round, flowers are in full bloom in the glass greenhouse.

    The ceiling is filled with flowers called “chandelier”.

    The corner is decorated with seasonal flowers.

    At the souvenir shop, local products are available, snacks, drinks, “strawberry Daifuku” and fresh juice, local vegetables and pickles.

  • around 04
    Flower Drop

    It is a thin wooden plate with a flower seed.

    If you make a wish and throw from the top of the suspension bridge, one day the flower of your seed may bloom.

  • around 05
    Luxury toilet

    It is a large toilet with lots of creative ideas in the South area of Mishima Sky Walk.

    In the ladies’ toilet, there is a Japanese garden as well as a powder room.

    Please enjoy the luxury toilet.

Mishima Skywalkの場所