Mizuki Manga’s Birthplace

Mizuki Manga’s Birthplace

“Manga” are comics created and originally published in Japan.
A manga, “GeGeGe no Kitaro” which is comic series created by Shigeru Mizuki in 1960.
The main characters of “GeGeGe no Kitaro” are supernatural-monsters called “Yokai”.
The author, Shigeru Mizuki lived in this city for more than 50 years and contributed to the development of Chofu City in a variety of ways.
He passed away on November 30, 2015. He had a career that lasted over 50 years as a cartoonist, and released numerous works.
His works employed a unique sensibility and intimacy, allowing him to express a fantastic world filled with Yokai.
After becoming a resident of Chofu city in 1959, his works were loved among the local people.
For example, he provided original drawings for the cover of the library news, the Kitaro family pictures are painted on the body of the minibuses that run in the city, character monuments were built on the Tenjin-Dori shopping street, and there is a Kitaro tea parlor (Kitaro Chaya) in Jindai-ji temple.
Since his works are loved and familiar to many local people, he was awarded the title of Honored Citizen by Chofu City in March 2008.
His Yokai characters can frequently be seen in the city, even now.

The city is filled with things related to Kitaro

【Tenjin-Dori Shopping Street】
The old Koshu Kaido that was one of the five routes of the Edo period and it was built to connect Tokyo with Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan.
If you walk through the old Koshu Kaido road from the North Exit intersection near Chofu Station, you can see character monuments of Kitaro and his companions on Tenjin-Dori shopping street, located throughout the street towards Fudaten Shrine.

【Chofu Station North Bicycle Parking Area #1】
Big images of Kitaro and his companions are painted on the exterior of Chofu station North Bicycle Parking #1 (Futada 1-28-3), which is located along the old Koshu Kaido road.

【Yokai Mailbox】
There is a Yokai mailbox in Chofu station North Bicycle Parking #1, where Kitaro and Cat-girl (Neko-musume) are painted on the wall. If you drop your mail there, it may just end up in the yokai world where they live.

【Kitaro Manhole Covers】
Manhole covers from the north entrance of Chofu Station to Koshu Kaido were adorned with six different designs displaying messages to help remind people to keep their manners, notifying them of places they can’t park their bicycles, or discouraging walking while smoking.

【Kitaro Bus】
The bodies of Chofu City Minibuses that run three routes in the city are designed with Kitaro and his companions. The buses are nicknamed “Kitaro buses” and are cherished by the local people. They help instill a sense of community as they run about the city.

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