◆Beauty Department

We introduce skincare products for anti-aging beauty & care of the next generation.
Throughout history, women have feared aging and pursued beauty.
Cleopatra, Yang Guifei, Ono no Komachi—these three women, known in Japan as the “Three Beautiful Women in world history,” were no exception; they shared the same wish to stay beautiful.
We want to answer every woman’s wish to stay beautiful for many years to come.
For this purpose, we have studied cosmetology and continuously engaged in cosmetic research.
I believe that beauty products should always use the latest ingredients and technology, be safe, and produce results.
For this reason, I have focused on the freeze-dry production method, in order to realize zero-use of preservatives that cause beauty ingredients to deteriorate.
On top of that, I have formulated Japan’s first beauty liquid, combining a new ingredient discovered for the first time in the United States with the latest technology for skin permeation.
We have simultaneously released facemasks, microneedles, and serums as well.
We are proud to deliver this “drop of magic” to anyone who wishes to feel and look her best at all times.

◆Health Department

Introducing the H.Muet Crème Magique and a specially-designed ear pick!
Crème Magique: Using originally-developed permeation technology, Crème Magique directly and smoothly permeates the skin, solving those nagging sensations of discomfort and tiredness.
Directly apply this cutting-edge cream to ease the areas of discomfort that increase as you age. You will notice the results immediately!
Just quickly apply the cream and feel the relief!
The Magic Ear Pick: We have received testimonies from many celebrities and professional athletes, saying this ear pick is highly addictive once you start using it. It has a screw-form tip, and it is made of titanium, making it hypoallergenic.