Total Guide System for new era

Turisim & Regional revitalization
GUIDOOR is the system for future development.

Regional revitalization


All translated into 8 languages + audio guide

  • Sightseeing Spots

    [Tourist attractions, Temples/Shrines, Stadium]

  • City Spots

    [Convenience stores, Transportation, Public Facilities, etc.]

  • Corresponding to the mobile device, such as QR codes and Eddystone

  • Offer information on web site

  • Turist information in 8 languages

  • Guide maps in each sightseeing spot

  • Guide panels

By reading the QR code in each panel in sightseeing/city spots, you can use the audio guide and information site.
Translated into 8 languages

You get to know all the information about everyday life, cultural activities in each local area