Koganezaki Park



About 黄金崎公園

Koganezaki is a beautiful scenic spot

With rocks that glow in the sunset, Koganezaki is a beautiful scenic spot known for its views of Suruga Bay, Mount Fuji and the beauty of sunset.

The whole cape is inside a park where promenades, a lawn park and an observation deck are located.

You can enjoy seasonal flowers at “Collection Garden”.

In addition, a rest area and the “Koganest” cafe are now open in the park.

Special products and glass products from Nishi Izu are sold in a beautiful and cozy wooden store.

“horse rock”

Because the shape of the cliff at the tip of Koganezaki resembles a horse’s head, it is also known as the “horse rock”.

It is very beautiful when shining in the golden rays of the setting sun, making it a popular photo spot.

It has been said since ancient times that horses are auspicious animals and the messengers of the Gods, so it is believed that your wishes will come true if you pray at this spot.

Facility information

  • 【Name of facility】 Koganest
  • 【Hours】 9:00 ~ 17:00
  • 【Close】 Every Tuesday
  • 【Parking Capacity】 20 cars
  • 【Tel】 0558-55-0580


Guidance of the precincts


Around 黄金崎公園

Area Information

  • around 01
    Koganezaki Crystal Park

    Koganezaki Crystal Park is a glass museum where you can appreciate glass works created by designers from around the world.
    There is also a studio where you can try creating glass crafts, a glass goods shop, and a restaurant.

    Facility information

    【Admission】 Adults 800 JPY, Children 400 JPY
    【Workshop fee】 1,405JPY~
    【Hours】 9:00 ~ 17:00 (Workshop: 9:00 ~ 16:00)
    【Holiday】 Open all year around (Temporary closure will be noticed)
    【Parking】 Available
    【Tel】 0558-55-1515


  • around 02
    Koganezaki Beach

    The Koganezaki beach is a 100m beach with a mixture of sand and pebbles and it is located in Koganezaki Park.
    Owing to its high water transparency, you can enjoy playing on the shore and snorkeling.

    Facility information

    【Address】 Ugusu Nishiizu-cho
    【Toilet】 1 places
    【Shower】 1 places
    【Beach Lifeguard House】 Mid July ~ Late August
    【Toll Parking lot】 100 cars

Koganezaki Parkの場所