City of Chinema, Chofu Location Tour

Movies, TV dramas, animations, and other various works have been filmed in Chofu.

As the city of cinema, Chofu has been used as a location to film movies, TV dramas, and animations.
The city has also been known as “Hollywood of the Orient,” producing a number of movie stars from studios in Chofu. Even today, movies are made at “Nikkatsu Chofu Studio” and “Kadokawa Daiei Studio.”
The city is thriving as the city of cinema with many movie-related events being held, such as “Chofu Junior Movie School,” “High Schoolers Film Contest in Cinema Town Chofu,” and “Cinema Town Chofu Cinema Festival.”

Around Chofu Station

(1) “Ultraman Z” – a TV drama with special effects aired on the TV Tokyo network

In episode 1, the station plaza of Chofu Station and the forecourt of Chofu City Hall were used to shoot a scene in which monsters attack the town.
In the filming, the Cultural Hall Tazukuri was destroyed flamboyantly!

Station plaza of Chofu Station, Forecourt of Chofu City Hall

(2) “Perfect World” – a TV drama aired on the Fuji TV network

A scene in the last episode, where Itsuki (Tori Matsuzaka) and Tsugumi (Mizuki Yamamoto) submitted their marriage record to Chofu City Hall, was filmed at Cultural Hall Tazukuri.
In this scene, a Japanese actor, Masaki Suda made a guest appearance as a City Hall staff.

East Building of Cultural Hall Tazukuri

(3) “Marigold in 4 minutes” – a TV drama aired on the TBS network

The last episode of “Marigold in 4 minutes” starring Sota Fukushi was filmed at Tenjindori Shopping Street!

Tenjindori Shopping Street

Around Nishi-chofu Station

(4) "Yokai Share House" – a TV drama aired on the TV Asahi network

An opening scene in the first episode, where the main character Mio Meguro (Fuka Koshiba) runs up the stairs to escape from a debt collector, was filmed at Dekobokoyama Children’s Park.

凸凹(Dekoboko) yama Children’s Park

Around Keio Tamagawa Station

(5) "Top Knife" – a TV drama aired on the NTV network

A scene in which a piano instructor Marie Negishi, played by Ayaka Onishi, teaches an elderly person piano was filmed at Shimoishiwara Community Welfare Center.

Shimoishiwara Community Welfare Center

Around Tamagawa River

(6) "Shudan Sasen (Collective Demotion)!!" – a TV drama aired on the TBS network

In episode 3, the impressive road extending as straight as an arrow on the riverbed of Tamagawa River appears. Why don’t you run on the road just like Kataoka (Masaharu Fukuyama) did?

Tamagawa cycling road

(7) "Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai (My Story is Long)" – a TV drama aired on the NTV network

A scene in which Mitsuru Kishibe, played by a Toma Ikuta, does a part-time job of an umpire for amateur baseball was shot!

Shimin (Municipal) Baseball Stadium

(8) "Anata no Ban Desu (Your Turn to Kill)" – a TV drama aired on the NTV network

A scene in episode 9, where Nana (Tomoyo Harada) and Sanae (Tae Kimura) look for Shota (Kei Tanaka), was shot in Somechi Park.

Somechi Park

Around Shibasaki Station

(9) "Ossan zu Love: LOVE or DEAD" – a theatrical version

This is a theatrical version of “Ossan zu Love,” a drama that was aired in the middle of the night but caused a great sensation!
The opening scene starting Kei Tanaka was shot in the green space located at 3-chome, Kikunodai.

Ryokuchi (green space) at 3-chome, Kikunodai

Around Kokuryo Station

(10) "10 no Himitsu (10 Secrets)" – a TV drama created by Kansai Television (Fuji TV network)

“10 no Himitsu (10 Secrets),” a Fuji TV drama starring Osamu Mukai, was filmed at the parking of KOKO SQUARE CHOFU.

On the roof of KOKO SQUARE

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