Saikoji Temple



About 西光寺

A statue of thirty-three Kannon images and a statue of Kondo Isami

Saikoji is a temple belonging to the Tendai sect and is located in Chofu City.
The gate, “Saikoji Niomon” and the statue of “Thirty-three Kannon images” are famous and they are city-designated cultural properties.
The statue of thirty-three Kannon images was modeled after teachings from scripture, which said that Kannon Bodhisattva appears in a variety of shapes to save people.
They are remarkable, and the highest class of sculpture techniques from the Edo period can be seen in them.

In addition, in front of the gate, a seated image of Kondo Isami was built by volunteers such as the “Organization of Kondo Isami and Shinsengumi lovers” in 2001, commemorating the 130th anniversary of Kondo Isami’s death.

When Kondo Isami was on his way to a war in Kofu, he was hailed at a private house across from Saikoji and he rested there for a while.


Guidance of the precincts

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