“Daru-chan” is a shop located at the entrance of Jindaiji Temple, where many Daruma dolls are displayed.
The Jindaiji Daruma Doll Market held every year on March 3rd and 4th at Jindaiji Temple, is said to be one of Japan's three largest Daruma Doll Markets. The original character created in Jindaiji Temple is “Daru-chan”.
In addition to Daruma goods such as “Daru-chan”, the store sells one-of-a-kind items that are carefully made one by one based on the ideas of Chofu City housewives.
There is also a big Daruma doll at the storefront to enliven the Chofu area, where the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics will be held, waiting for many customers to visit Jindaiji Temple.
In addition, you can also experience making Daruma dolls in “Daru-chan's House”.
Why don't you make memories of your trip by making a “Chofu (cloth) Daruma” that combines the “Daruma” from Jindaiji and the Chinese character of “cloth” from Chofu?