This is a nature visitor center to introduce nature in the form of the four seasons in the Sayama Hills.
The facility comprises a project exhibition room, an observation balcony, and a lecture room.
In the center, there are walking paths where insects and plants can be seen.

Spot 1 (The paradise for waterfowls)
 Raptors, larks, and waterfowls come flying at the lakeside of the Sayama Lake.
Spot 2 (The forest of insects)
 The mixed forest consisting of Quercus serrata and sawtooth oak, etc.
 In summer, many insects can be viewed.
Spot 3 (The home of bog plants)
 There are a mixed forest and a small marshy area. Fireflies and dragonflies can be viewed.
Spot 4 (The forest of miscellaneous trees)
 Various types of forests, such as temple forests and mixed forests, can be viewed.
Spot 5 (The forest of butterflies)
 Located in Hachikokuyama, the spot is the best place for strolling throughout the year.

The center area (a central area where the resource center is located)
The information on nature in the Sayama Hills and the introduction of walking paths can be available. Events also take place.