Hanazono Rugby Stadium

The biggest stadium built exclusively for rugby in Asia.
The Hanazono Rugby Stadium which opened in 1929 has come a long way together with Japan’s history of rugby.
If you were to ask a Japanese person what the first thing, they think of is if you mention Hanazono, many of them would respond with the rugby stadium.
In the past, many famous matches were held in this stadium, cementing it in the memories of rugby fans.
Young high school rugby players are surely dreaming of competing with legendary rivals at this stadium.

In 2018, this sacred ground for Rugby was changed greatly when it had new equipment installed.
At last in 2019, players representing their countries from all around the world will gather here in this stadium.
The 2019 Rugby World Cup where players will fight to claim the title of being number one will be taking place right here.
The stadium is equipped with lights and even has a museum.

The 2019 Rugby World Cup will be a special event that marks the beginning of a new era in Japanese Rugby.
The Hanazono Rugby Stadium will become the stage for dreams.
Don’t miss this chance to watch the world’s best matches.