Koshoji Betsuin Temple

The Koshoji Betsuin temple was founded around the beginning of the Eiroku era (1558-1570) by Shoshu Shonin, the 16th head of the Koshoji Temple in Kyoto.
The present day Tondabayashi temple town developed from this temple.
Its features include the main gate (Yamamon) located on the Jounomon-suji, a bell tower, a drum tower, a main hall, a Kyakuden (guest hall) and a Koryu (storehouse).
It is said that one of the Fushimi Castle gates was used as front gate (Yamamon).
The main hall, facing hall, belfry, drum tower, Yamamon gate, Onarimon gate and three Tsukiji walls are designated as National Important Cultural Properties.