Belluna Dome

Metlife Dome is the home ground of the professional baseball team Saitama Seibu Lions.
It is located in the Sayama Hills.
It does not have any walls surrounding it, making it a bright, open, outdoor-like stadium.
In addition to baseball, the dome is used for multiple purposes such as music concerts and various other types of events.

【Blue Parking】
Accommodates 200 standard-sized cars (1,800 yen/day)
Parking for large vehicles and minibusses is only available on days when professional baseball games and events are not being held. (5,000 yen/day).

【Red Parking】 (open on days of professional baseball games)
Accommodates 520 standard-sized cars (1,800 yen〜/day)

【Green Parking】 (open on days of professional baseball games)
Accommodates 110 standard-sized cars (1,800 yen〜/day)
Large-sized buses & microbuses (5,000 yen/day)

* The parking fee is 1,800 yen per day during the period when the Lily Garden is open. Please visit the website of Tokorozawa Lily Garden to check its period of operation.
* Please visit the official website of the Lions baseball team for information on advance purchase of parking in Parking lots C and D on days of official games of professional baseball.