Chojuji Temple

Chojuji Temple is located on Aboshi mountain.
It is an ancient Tendai sect temple, counted as one of the “Three Temples of Konan (Konan Sanzan*).”
A long time ago, Emperor Shomu had no heir.
Then, Roben Sojo (priest) continued to pray under the waterfall in Aboshi mountain so that the emperor would have his heir. In due course, the emperor was blessed with a princess.
In the hope of longevity of his child, the emperor built a temple with seven principal temple buildings and twenty-four priests and named it as Chojuji Temple.
Also, the emperor had a statue of Koyasu Jizo carved by Gyoki Bosatsu and enshrined it as a principal object of worship at the temple.
It is said that this was the beginning of Chojuji Temple.
The main hall is designated as a national treasure.
An about 100-meter path from the temple gate to the main hall allows visitors to enjoy the changing of seasons throughout the year; especially in autumn, the path is surrounded by a tunnel of autumn foliage.
*Jorakuji Temple, Chojyuji Temple, and Zensuiji Temple, the three long-standing Tendai sect temples in Konan City, are collectively known as the “Konan Sanzan.”