Yoshizaki Gobo Temple Remains

This area was the base of operations for the proselytizing work of 'Rennyo', the priest who restored the 'Jodo Shinsu' sect, one of Japan's Buddhist sects.
It's now designated as a national historical landmark, where you can find a temple, a statue of Rennyo, and more.
In spring, the sakura trees here bloom to compliment the splendid views of Laka Kitagata and the Sea of Japan.
Every year, between the 17th and 23rd of April, the 'Goei Dochu' is carried out.
In this ceremony, an image of Rennyo is carried from Kyoto to Yoshizaki on foot, where it is the centrepiece of a 10 day long Buddhist memorial service, before being returned to Kyoto.