Yokosuka Research Park (YRP)

Yokosuka Research Park (abbreviated as “YRP”) was built in October, 1997 as a research & development center for radio wave technology and ICT.
It is located in the southern outskirts of Yokosuka city, in a place easily accessible from the heart of the city.
Many laboratories have been set up here today, conducting research and development in fields of technology ranging from the basic to the cutting-edge.
These laboratories belong to universities, companies in and outside of Japan, and public research institutions striving for international development of radio wave technology and ICT.
The Research Park is designed to allow sharing of various research and experiment facilities and testbeds, supporting collective R&D activities. A number of conference venues stand here, and they are used for conferences on new technologies and various other activities, including events aimed for the promotion of industry-academia-government interchange and international collaboration.
Various training programs aimed for the development of human resources are also held here.