Marche Yusuhara

Marche Yusuhara (Machi no Eki Yusuhara) started as an annex of the Kumo no Ue no Hotel.
It's most striking feature is undoubtedly its road-facing exterior facade covered with "kaya-buki," or thatching.
Yoshinori Kawakami, a local kaya-buki craftsman, engaged in thatching this building.
The place is a multi-faceted facility; the building's first floor is a store that deals in direct sales of local products, etc., while the second and third floors house the lodgings.
The hotel has a tiny galley inside solely for breakfast.
The reason is that the guests may gain a deeper appreciation for the charm of Yusuhara by visiting the restaurants in the town; it is a notion that "All of the Town is your Hotel."