Komono Banko

The Banko-ware industry was born surrounded by the majestic nature of Komono town.
The 7 kilns that inherited this traditional pottery technique sell their products under the "Komono Banko" brand.
Each kiln has its own unique style and they all conduct ceramics decorating experience sessions.

・Aigama Horiuchi Kiln (370-8 Takenari, Komono-cho, Mie) 059-396-2600
・Craft Ishikawa (3029 Nagai, Komono-cho, Mie) 059-396-3731
・Taiseigama Ltd. (1781-1 Takenari, Komono-cho, Mie) 059-396-4508
・Matsuo Pottery Ltd. (1926 Takenari, Komono-cho, Mie) 059-396-0519
・Misuzu Pottery Inc. (3098 Nagai, Komono-cho, Mie) 059-396-0529
・Yamaguchi Pottery Ltd. (200-2 Kawakita, Komono-cho, Mie) 059-393-2102
・Pottery Studio Minamikawa (707-1, Nagai, Komono-cho, Mie) 059-396-1495