Asake Campsite

The Asake Campsite is a collection of 7 smaller campsites.
Being the largest campsite in the prefecture, it is surrounded by vast jungles, pearl white granite, and many rivers.
Situated at the foothills of Mount Shakka, it is considered a base from which to climb Suzuka Mountains and is visited by many mountaineers.
You can enjoy many types of leisure activities here, including a one-day camping trip listening to the murmurs of the majestic natural mountain streams, have a barbeque, or stay at the many accommodation facilities like bungalows or cottages.

・Asake Teahouse (all year round) TEL: 059-393-1789
・Asake Lodge (all year round) TEL: (059)394-3012
・Green Land Asake TEL: (059)394-2792
・Isedani Hut TEL: (059)393-1792
・Asake Hutte (March 1–December 31) TEL: (059)393-1787
・Asake Valley Fishing Resort (January 10–December 20) TEL: (059)393-1798
・Nishiyama Lodge (April 29–End of October) TEL:(059)393-2941