Zaimokuiwa Park

Downstream from the Shichikashuku Dam, this park is themed on water and the crags of the valley.
From there, you can view the “Zaimokuiwa” rock formation (65 meters high and 100 meters across), a natural monument of Japan. It is a place where you can feel the beauty of nature's creations.
The park is also home to the "Kendan-Yashiki", the relocated and rebuilt residence of the Kimura clan, originally located at Kamitozawa, Shiroishi—one of the post towns of Shichikashuku.
The kayabuki (thatched) style hipped-roofed building is a single-story structure comprising traditional tatami sections and living sections. It is estimated to have been built around the middle of the Edo period.
The Kendan-Yashiki is a designated Prefectural Tangible Cultural Property, and it hosts a variety of festivals throughout the seasons.