Shinseki Shiroishi

A marriage spot in Shiroishi

It is located between the Shiroishi Castle and the Sawabata River that feeds the outer moat of the Castle's San-no-maru ward. It is revered as a "Stone where the Kami Dwell."
People say that the stone's roots are so deep that they run from Shiroishi to Nenoshiroishi in Izumi-ku, Sendai City. And, similar to how the two distant stones are connected, people say that if one prays for a happy marriage at Shinseki Shiroishi, their prayers are fulfilled.

Shinseki Shiroishi – A Guide to Praying for Marriage

1) Purchase "Shiroishi Washi no Koyori" (Paper String) from the Shiroishi Station Tourist Information Centre (¥100 per koyori)
2) Reach "Shinseki Shiroishi," and tie the "Koyori" while thinking of your loved one.
3) Go around the "Shinseki Shiroishi" twice in a clockwise direction, pray to the stone, and your wishes will (surely) be fulfilled.

Facility information

6-33 Sawabatacho, Shiroishi, Miyagi
8 minutes by car from the "Shiroishi-Zaō Station" (JR East Tohoku Shinkansen)
10 minutes on foot from the "Shiroishi Station" (JR East Tohoku Main Line)
10 minutes by car from the "Shiroishi IC" on the Tohoku Expressway