The Forests of Mizubasho no Mori & Dodan no Mori

The Mizubasho no Mori Forest is located in a wetland near the Minamizao Camping Ground.
The flowers of Mizubasho (Lysichiton camtschatcensis) begin to bloom in early April.
The pristine white flowers bloom across the entire area—announcing the arrival of spring at the foot of Mt. Minami Zao—and you can enjoy the blossoms until about late April.
You can enjoy a therapeutic walk through the adjacent Dodan no Mori Forest—a forest with dense deciduous shrubbery.
The Sarasa-Dodan flowers (Enkianthus campanulatus) resemble charming red bells hanging from the branches; they start blooming in late May and come into full bloom in mid-June.