Hodota Tumuli (Futago-yama Tumulus, Hachimanzuka Tumulus and Yakushizuka Tumulus)

The Hodota Tumuli Cluster is a group of three large keyhole-shaped burial mounds, the Futago-yama Tumulus, the Hachimanzuka Tumulus, and the Yakushizuka Tumulus.
The 3 tumuli serve as graves for members of powerful clans that died approximately 1,500 years ago, with each one being roughly 100 meters long and fashioned in the same keyhole style.
Among the 3, the Hachmanzuka Tumulus has been restored to its original state from 1,500 years ago, and visitors are allowed to view the actual sarcophagus within.
The Kamitsuke-no-sato Museum can be found adjacent to the Hodota Tumuli, and there they have on display a model of the first ancient clan palace discovered in Japan, a collection of ancient haniwa figures & earthenware, as well as the oldest discovered piece of decorative footwear in Japan.