Gifu Park

Gifu Park is located in the center of Gifu City at the foot of Mount Kinka. The ruins of the place of residence of the feudal lords (daimyos) Nobunaga Oda and Dosan Saito can be found here.
The park grounds, surrounded by the wonderful nature of Mt. Kinka, features the Mt. Kinka mountain trail and the base station of the Kinka Ropeway, which brings visitors to the top station of the Kinka Ropeway in about 4 minutes.
The park also features many great sightseeing attractions such as the garden and ruins of Oda's residence, the Kabukimon Gate, the Gifu City Museum of History, the Kato Eizo & Toichi Memorial Art Museum, Kashoken (featuring ryurei-style tea ceremony), and the Nawa Insect Museum.