Mt. Takeyama, Mt. Miurafuji, and Mt. Houdaiyama (Gun Battery)

This area features hiking paths that lap around Mt. Takeyama, Mt. Miurafuji, and Mt. Houdaiyama.
Azaleas come into full bloom for their peak season around the summit of Mt.
Takeyama from mid April up until early May.
Mt. Miurafuji is low in altitude, but the scenic view from the top is no less amazing.
As a matter of fact, the name of the mountain stems from its close resemblance to Mt. Fuji.
Mt. Houdaiyama, which means "Mt. Gun Battery", was originally a gun battery built by the Japanese navy during the early Showa period.
Clearly visible traces of the mortar-shaped battery still remain to this day. There are eight square holes on each side that were apparently used to store ammunition.