Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura

A realistic townscape with relay stations, merchant streets, ninja villages, and samurai residences has been recreated, allowing you to experience life in Edo through experience events and contact with the people of Edo.
You can also change your clothes and become an Edo resident yourself.
With seven theaters where you can watch plays, exhibition centers wher eyou can learn about history and culture, and meals that you can only taste here, the splendid "Edo" experience will truly add color to your travel memories.
In particular, please do enjoy the various plays and shows, such as the impressive ninja show that will let you feel the spirit of ninjitsu with your whole body, the courtesan theater which will bring you laughter in addition to making you gasp at the beauty, the Ryogoku Theater where you can enjoy plays that will make you fall over laughing.