Kanmangafuchi Abyss

This place with beautiful scenery was created by lava that gushed out of Mount Nantai.
There is a huge rock on the riverbank, and a stone statue of Acalanatha created by Kokai Sojo has been placed on the rock. It is said that the name "Kanman" came from the last verse of Acalanatha's mantra.
The south bank has a group of about 70 jizo statues known as "bake-jizo" whose number is said to change whenever anyone counts them, while the upstream cliff has "Kanman" engraved in Sanskrit characters, said to have been carved there by Kobo Daishi throwing his brush.
You can enjoy beautiful scenery here all year round, from the fresh green of spring to the autumn leaves and the snow on the jizo statues in winter.