Futarasan-jinja Shrine

Futarasan-jinja Shrine is an ancient shrine that was the start of worship on Nikkosan. It enshrines Futarasan (Mount Nantai) as its shintai (object of worship).
Since ancient times, it has been revered as the most important provincial shrine of Shimotsuke Province and has been a site of faith.
The main enshrined deity of Futarasan-jinja Shrine is Ononamuchi-no-Mikoto, the god of good luck and marriage.
Today, the shrine has become popular for those wishing to receive marriage blessings.
The beautiful vermilion-painted wooden Shinkyo Bridge that adorns the entrance of Nikkosan is also a structure from Futarasan-jinja Shrine.
Why not also visit this bridge, which can be said to be an entranceway to Nikko's shrines and temples, which are World Heritage Sites?