The observation deck “Aiai Misaki”

The observation deck “Aiai Misaki”

The cape “Aiai” is one of the most famous capes in Minami-Izu.
It is located a little westward from the cape Irozaki at the tip of the Izu Peninsula.
There is “Okuiro One Observatory” and it is also called “Aiai Misaki”.
The name “Aiai Misaki” is more common, and it is one of the most prominent scenic spots in Izu area.
It has been shown in numerous forms of media, including television programs and magazines.

Absolutely scenic points that can overlook the sea view

From the observation deck, you can view the island, “Onejima” clearly and enjoy the magnificent scenery of white waves hitting the cliffs on the complex coastline created by the waves and the wind.
Furthermore, the beauty of the sunset at the observation deck “Aiai Misaki” is well known nationwide.
So many tourists visit there at dusk to enjoy the sunset, watching the sun sink into Suruga Bay and casting a madder red glow.
The shadows around the islands and coastline created by the setting sun are fantastic and beautiful due to the complicated terrain, so it is worth seeing.

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Iruma, Kamogun Minamiizucho, Shizuoka