Shirotori Jinja Shrine

Shirotori Jinja Shrine is said to have originated when the soul of Yamato Takeru turned into a white bird and flew down to the spot where the mausoleum was then built.
In 1664, Matsudaira Yorishige of the Takamatsu Domain rebuilt the shrine's main building, invited Inokuma Kaneko from Kyoto to become the chief priest, and donated approximately 1,274 cubic feet of land to the shrine. The land was further protected as an authorized shrine under the shogunate.
The "mountain" on the shrine's grounds, known as "Miyama," stands at an altitude of 3.6 meters.
It is using its fame as the smallest mountain in Japan to help vitalize the region.
Certificates showing that visitors have climbed the mountain are issued at Shirotori Jinja Shrine.