Myoonin Temple

At Myoonin Temple on Awa Koyasan Mountain in Tateyama City of Chiba Prefecture, there are 88 sacred stone statues representing 88 sacred places in Shikoku.
You can view all the stone statues in about 15-20 minutes if you take a walk on the path of this small mountain.
The history of the walking path started about 125 years ago when an elderly Buddhist nun wanted to make a place where she could do a Shikoku pilgrimage from a faraway location.
You will feel a spiritual mood and feelings of calmness while visiting the 88 stone statues in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by nature.
The 88 stone statues have different meanings, such as wisdom, good fortune, and warding off evil, so you can enjoy a walk while learning about them.
You can also see the beauty of the different flowers and other sights of each season.
You can see cherry blossoms in the spring, autumn leaves and ginkgo in the fall, and narcissus flowers in the winter.