Hiketa Castle Ruins

Hiketa Castle Ruins

Hiketa Castle was built on the top of Shiroyama, a cape-like mountain that surrounds Hiketa Port, a key point for people on the Seto Inland Sea to wait for changes in the wind and tide.
The ruins of the castle still have the stone walls from around the end of the Warring States Period (the end of the 16th century) to the beginning of the Edo Period.
From the ruins of the castle you can see the town of Hiketa and the Seto Inland Sea. Enjoy a hike with a great view.
The castle was designated as one of the 100 best castles in Japan in 2009, and as a national historic site in 2020.

*Access is possible via two different trailheads, one on the Hiketa Port side and one near Tanoura Campsite.

Hiketa Castle Ruins

Facility information

Hiketa, Higashikagawa, Kagawa
Tanoura Campsite Trailhead Entrance (10 spaces)
Hiketa Port Trailhead Entrance (28 spaces)