Sunset Spot

The best sunset-viewing town in Japan

Nishiizu-cho is located in the western part of the Izu peninsula and it has lots of spots where you can appreciate its beautiful sunset.
In September 2005, the town also declared itself as “the best sunset-viewing town in Japan”.
The setting sun reflects off the surface of the sea in Suruga Bay; at that time, everything is surrounded by golden hues, and the visually striking rocks rising above the sea and the complex coastline create light and shade.
The view is superb and deserves to be called Japan’s best sunset-viewing spot.
There are numerous spots scattered around the area where you can enjoy seeing the sunset, including “Otago Coast”, “Dogashima”, “Ohama Coast” and “Koganezaki”.
Otago Coast is especially recommended as it was chosen as one of the 100 best sunset locations in Japan.

Sunset timetable

Otago Coast

The Otago Coast is characterized by an island called Tagojima, which looks like big and small humps.
There is a rock called “Meganecho” that looks like a Godzilla.
Furthermore, on the spring equinox and autumnal equinox days in March and September, if you stand in a position where “Meganecho” seems to be between the large and small humps, you can see the sun going down towards “Meganecho”, which is located in the middle.
There are also observatories where you can overlook the sea during any season, allowing you to enjoy the fantastic sensation of the sunset washing down on you.
There is a free parking and public rest rooms.
Also there is a sunset observatory that opens only in the evening.
The place is usually bustling with tourists who visit there to see the sunset.

Other sunset spots

“Sunset volunteers”

In Nishiizu-cho, “Sunset volunteers” organized by local photography lovers, are offering information on the best sunset points of the day for those who stay at accommodation facilities in the town.
They can also advise you on how to best photograph the setting sun.
If you are interested, please call 3 days in advance to make a reservation.

Facility information

0558-52-1268 (西伊豆町観光協会)
Nishina, Kamogun Nishiizucho, Shizuoka (various spots)