Nagasaki-kaido Road

The Nagasaki-kaido was a highway that connected Nagasaki to Kokura, a distance of 57 ri (about 224 km), that was home to 25 inns during the Edo period.
The road was constructed to bring the foreign goods, technology, and culture that came into Nagasaki to Edo (present-day Tokyo) as quickly as possible during the period of national isolation.
Along the route, sugar and foreign confectionery took root in the city, and a unique culinary cuisine developed.
It is for this reason that the Nagasaki-kaido is also called the Sugar Road.
The road, which runs through Omura City, is 15 km long and includes Omura-shuku and Matsubara-shuku, a blacksmith town.
There are many cultural assets here, including the remains of samurai residences, temples, and shrines around.
(Excerpt from Omura Roman, City HP)