Kori-San-Odori (Kori three dances)

During the Warring States period, the lord of Omura, Sumikore, was defeated in the battle of Nakadake. He returned to Omura after a long period of wandering after his defeat.
The locals were so happy that they held a number of celebrations with dances, which are known as "Sukodori," "Okita Odori," and "Kuromaru Odori.
These three dances are called the "Koorisan Odori of Omura," and have been designated as Important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties.
The Hoyo Festival is held every year on November 28, the anniversary of the death of Hoyo, who introduced the Kuromaru Dance.
The three dances are also performed in rotation at the Hanashobu Festival and the Omura Autumn Festival.