Enoshima Iwaya Caves

The Iwaya Caves, which were formed by the erosion of the waves over many months and years, consist of the first cave (152m in depth) and the second cave (56m in depth).
As the Iwaya Caves are the birthplace of Enoshima Shrine, it has been worshipped since ancient times, and since the Edo period, it has been a popular place that many worshippers visit as a sacred place of the faith of Benzaiten.
Inside the caves, there are various exhibits that offer insight into some of the history and culture that Enoshima has experienced.
In the first cave, visitors can walk with an original candle in hand.

*When crowded, the rental of candles may be suspended.

In the second cave, the dragon god will welcome you in.
From the bridge spanning 128m, visitors have a sweeping view of Sagami Bay and the scenery in the direction of Mount Fuji, Hakone, and Izu spreading across it, allowing them to experience a sense of freedom.

*An entry fee is charged