Shioyasaki Lighthouse / Hibari-no-sono (Monument)

~A beautiful white lighthouse with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean~

Reflected in the blue sea waters, the white Shioyasaki Lighthouse is a popular attraction, selected as one of Japan's Top 50 Lighthouses and one of the few lighthouses in Japan that can be climbed to the top.
The main attraction is the view from the top level, which looks out over the vast, beautiful ocean.
Gazing out over the sea as the sun glints off its surface and the gentle sea breeze caresses your skin brings a moment of bliss, in which you will forget your mundane worries and stress.
The best time to visit is at sunset, when you can enjoy to your heart's content the beautiful view of the bright red sun as it sinks into the sea.

Shioyasaki Lighthouse was also the setting for the late Hibari Misora's famous song "Midaregami", which marked her comeback after a serious illness. At the foot of the lighthouse stands the Hibari-no-sono, which includes a stone monument to the song and a portrait of the singer, Forever Hibari.
Standing in before the stone monument will trip a sensor and cause the song to be played.
The portrait of Hibari is similarly equipped and will play the melody of "The Sad Whistle".
There is also a memorial monument to the movie "Times of Joy and Sorrow", which depicts the life of a lighthouse keeper.