Aoyama Plateau

The Aoyama plateau is in the Murou Akame Aoyama National Park.
It is generally 4 degrees cooler, in summer, due to its altitude.
There are two routes across the plateau: the Tokai nature trail and the Aoyama Plateau park route.
The Tokai nature trail leads from Aoyama Kogen to Mt. Kasatori, a gently sloping grassland area where visitors can enjoy the beauty of azaleas growing in clusters. The view from the top of Mt. Kasatori is spectacular, with the Iga Basin to the west, Ise Bay to the east and the Chita Peninsula in the distance.
The Aoyama Kogen park route is a great drive with about 10km of winding roads. The view of Ise Bay from the triangular observatory at 756m above sea level is spectacular.