Kutsukake Joshi (Castle Ruins) Park

The site of the castle that Yoshimoto Imagawa entered the night before the battle of Okehazama.
Yoshimoto was struck down while travelling between this castle and Otaka Castle.
The main castle ruins, inner moat and earthen walls remain, and the area is maintained as a park.
The cherry blossoms are suburb as they reach full bloom in the spring; in this hidden yet famous cherry blossom location!

(October 1st, 2020 Kutsukake Joshi seal was created!)
* Regular and on-site sales will not be happening at Kutsukake Joshi (Castle Ruins) Park
【Location of sales】 Industrial Support Section counter at Toyoake City Hall
【Price】 ¥300 per seal (please bring exact change)
【Sale time】8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.