Kaburagoshi Lamprophyres

Kaburagoshi Lamprophyres

These lamprophyre dikes are a famous geological site where black lamprophyres are embedded in the cracks of white granite, creating a black and white stripe pattern.

One of the world's rarest dike formations, it was designated a National Natural Monument in 1942.
During low tide, you can even take a walk and see the lamprophyre dikes up close.

There are also areas around Higashikagawa City where one can find a range of impressive geological sites, which makes pleasure boat cruises to such sites a very popular activity.

* For cruises to geological sites, please contact the Higashikagawa City Tour Boat Association.
Phone: 090-5718-3534
Homepage: http://hkkk.iimano.com/

Facility information

Opening Hours
You may take a walk and view the formations up close during low tide.
No Regular Holidays
Near Matsubara, Higashikagawa, Kagawa