Seishikan, a thatched-roof house that stands adjacent to the south side of Inagawa's town hall, was purchased by the town in 1984.
The house was formerly known as the Tomita Family Residence, one of the largest private houses in Inagawa, and is now open to the public to help promote the town's culture.
The former Tomita Family Residence is a Japanese-style house built by Kumasaku Tomita (deceased), a well-known art dealer, on a 2,505-square-meter site in Ueno, Inagawa, his birthplace.
It took 3 years to build the house, starting in 1932.
The town of Inagawa has opened its historic residences to the public for tours.
It has also opened them as cultural facilities that offer a wide range of group activities and lifelong learning opportunities.

【Photography policy】
Permission is required to take photographs of the Seishikan grounds and to use images related to Seishikan.
Anyone interested in taking pictures or using the images should fill out the Application for Special Permission to Use Materials available on the town's website and submit it to the Social Education Office of the Education Promotion Division.