Kokinshu Garden & Ruins of the Kino Tsurayuki Residence

The site of the Kino Tsurayuki Residence lies 300 meters east of the Kokufu Elementary School, on the southern side.
And the area south of the residence site is the Tosa Kokuga Ato ruins.
Flowers of cosmos bloom in autumn in the region wherein you will find the "Kokinshu Garden."
It is a Heian period-themed garden showcasing 32 waka poems on the plants and trees, including an arrangement of "Kyokusui no Nagare," in honor of Kino Tsurayuki—principal compiler of the Kokin Wakashu (Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry).
The area also has many other sites of interest, such as the Hie Haiji Ato ruins, the Hie Jinja shrine, and the Ranto oval tombstones.