Millennial Wisteria Shrine

The Kokuryo jinja Shrine is located in Kokuryo-Cho, Chofu City.
The old Kokuryo Shrine was moved into the precinct of the Shinmei Shrine, and a new hall was built to enshrine both shrines, with the new name “Kokuryo Shrine”.
This shrine is known as "Millennial Wisteria (Sennofuji) Shrine" because in the precinct, there is a wisteria tree called “Sennofuji” which is said to be about 400 to 500 years old and it’s enshrined as a “Millennial wisteria”.
In addition, this big wisteria tree has been chosen as one of the “Chofu Hakkei (the eight best viewing spots in Chofu)”.
It is believed to bless the prosperity of our descendants.
The branches are spread along a wisteria trellis that is about 4 meters tall and has about a 400-square meter dimension, and lavish purple blossoms are open all over the shelves from late April to May every year.
When they are at full bloom, the “Kokuryo Sennofuji Festival” is also held.