Mt. Karou

Although the mountain is low at about 430 meters above sea level, the view from the summit is magnificent.
It is an easy 40-minute walk from the trailhead to the top, and both small children and adults can enjoy climbing the mountain.
From the summit, visitors can see the blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean, the Shinchi townscape, and, if conditions are good, Mt. Kinka to the east, and the Zao mountain range and the Abukuma River to the west, which have been selected as one of the 100 Green Views of Fukushima.
With four mountaineering courses, one of the points of interest is that visitors can enjoy climbing the mountain while experiencing nature throughout the four seasons, with a variety of flowers and grasses such as dogtooth violets and hydrangeas in spring and summer, and autumnal leaves in fall.
On New Year's Day, the mountain is crowded with climbers who come to enjoy the earliest mountain opening in Japan and the first sunrise of the year.