Kurumegasuri no Ie (House of Kurumegasuri)

This is a minka house that was designed by Arata Endo, an architect from Shinchi Town who studied under the world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
The house was built in 1931 in Musashino City, Tokyo, under the design theme of “Let us build a house like kurumegasuri textile, which gets better the more it is washed” at the request of Kanji Koshio, an acquaintance of Endo's and a leader of the temperance movement.
Koshio lived in this house using it as a base for the temperance movement.
After Koshio's death, there was a movement for the preservation of the house by his bereaved family and the building industry, and in 1994, a restored building was constructed in Shinchi Town, Endo's hometown, where visitors can see the design that took account of the lifestyle of the era and Koshio's daily life (please contact the Shinchi Town Board of Education in advance if you wish to visit).