Gotenmisaki Boshin Campaign Ruins

In 1868, when the Boshin War broke out, a furious battle also took place between the Meiji government forces and the former shogunate forces at the starting point of the ascent to Komagamine.
As for the former Shogunate forces, whose stronghold was taken down by storm, the advance of the counteroffensive was taken by the Matsuyama corps of the Sendai domain.
At first, the Sendai domain had the upper hand in the counteroffensive, but their equipment consisted of old-fashioned matchlocks, which soon became unusable because their match cords had been dampened by a rain shower just then.
The new government forces, on the other hand, were equipped with state-of-the-art guns that were unaffected by weather conditions, and the situation was reversed. Quickly outnumbered and having its retreat routes cut off, the Matsuyama corps was cornered at Cape Gotenmisaki.
The Matsuyama corps fought bravely to the end with the sea behind them, but all its 27 men were killed in action.