The Hasshoku Center

This huge market offers fresh seafood and fresh vegetables just unloaded from Hachinohe Port, as well as products and souvenirs from the southern part of the prefecture.
About 60 stores line the 170-meter-long street.
There are two dining areas: the Kitchen Stadium and Aji Yokocho. Shichirin Village, where fresh seafood and ingredients bought at the market are grilled over a shichirin (a traditional Japanese charcoal grill), is also a popular dining spot.
The market is very convenient for shoppers with children, with a well-equipped children's play area.

You can also use the ¥100 bus that runs between Hachinohe Station, a stop on the Shinkansen line, and the Hachishoku Center, and the under-¥200 bus that runs between downtown Hachinohe and the Hasshoku Center.

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